1ª SAGRA GRAFICA - Workshop sul manifesto popolare

10.00 - 11.00

1° SAGRA GRAFICA - Workshop sul manifesto popolare is the outcome of the homonymous workshop in the folk-manifesto held by CH RO MO Studio and organized by 045Publishing.

15 graphic designers and illustrators, using only the color black on neon, each with their own visual language working towards fulfilling a common comunicative need: experimenting proper language codes and writing styles of the contemporary communication colliding with tradition and obbligations that come with this type of support, which is able to communicate to a mixed audience broadcasting the bond with traditions and a sense of belonging.
These posters have been collected in a publication edited and designed by 045Publishing.

Curated by 045P and CH RO MO Studio
Works by Francesco Costantini, Giorgia Florenzano, Cecilia Grandi, Riccardo Pantanali, Dafne Pariani, Francesco Perale, Federica Porro, Alberto Rohr, Angela Rossi, Valentino Simon, BBDB Studio, Giulia Tonon, Sara Vangelista, Alessia Veronesi and Diego Ziliani.

289x360 mm
120gsm Bright white
100 pcs