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Quando Dio, Patria e Famiglia scelsero la città dell'amore

A visual collection from the Verona transfeminist demonstration of the 30thMarch 2019. In response to the World Congress of Families, around 100.000 people gathered together to make the city a multicolour and joyful spot. On the first anniversary, we decided to assemble the most powerful and iconic imagines from this unforgettable and desirable moment.

1834—I sogni precari di una generazione

Carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, 1834—I sogni precari di una generazione is a photographic project narrating the “return to life” of the 18-34 years old generation at the end of the first Italian lockdown. An intimate yet collective portrait of the precarious dreamers’ generation. Photos by Bartolomeo Rossi.

i minuti - issue n.1
160x230 mm
100 hand numbered pcs