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Opera Aperta

  • Opera Aperta
  • Opera Aperta

Opera Aperta is a Temporary Urban Exhibition of posters posted in Verona on the notice board of closed cinema and theatres during the pandemic lockdown. 24 graphic designers and illustrators, with a selected chromatic palette, each with their own visual language placed at the service of a common communicative need: to focus on the closure of the spaces dedicated to artistic and cultural discourse.
These posters have been collected in a publication edited and designed by 045Publishing.

Curated by Agnese Barbarani
Works by Giacomo Bagnara, Lorenzo Ballarini, Blazer, Alessandro Bombieri, Daniele Coletti, Mattia Cristini, Anna Dietzel, Marco Donatelli, Paolo D’Amato, Studio Fantastico, Elisa Fior, Leonardo Fiorini, Filippo Giuliari, Incorrect, Pietro Rigo Langè, Tommaso Lavagnoli, Edoardo Marconi, Massimo Dalle Pezze, Federico Rossini, Andrea Rubele, Michela Salvagno, Matteo Tacconi, Tatanka, Emanuele Zoccatelli

230x320 mm
Fedrigoni SIRIO Color
Glossy coated paper
Rubber band binding
24 posters
50 pcs